Firmly Pinch The Skin Together

“Firmly pinch the skin together” is based on the concept of the Skin-Ego by Didier Anzieu, where skin is treated as a metaphor – a wrapping that protects the interior but also connects with others, maintains the body in a state of unity and solidity, preserves the balance of our inner environment from external disturbances but, in its form and texture, it retains the marks of those disturbances. Friends, family and objects overflow the frame. Zoomed in, without any room to escape, flesh becomes both an artefact of the subject's past as well as a vessel for the viewer's projections.

The project shows the system of touch, pressure, pain and warmth closely connected to the other sensory organs, including sight, and to the awareness of body movement and balance.

The title is taken from the medical instruction on how to administer an injection and shows the correlation between a slightly painful gesture and its healing function.

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