• Dates
    2022 - 2022
  • Author
  • Locations Berlin, Germany, Hamburg, Paris, France, Sicily, Italy, Scotland, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, London, Milano

Fernverkehr, a German word, translates to long-distance traffic or long-distance travel and represents many of my own journeys - as an emerging artist, as a growing photographer, and as a young human being. It is also the title of my photography project and exhibition that I developed during the five months that I spent exploring, discovering, and documenting Germany and Europe.

These photographs depict urban and rural landscapes that I came across whilst travelling. The images cover unconventional beauty in unusual places with an accurate reflection of the light that touches them. They represent the experience of finding the surreal while exploring the real. They represent some of the magic of travel and the associated surprise, joy, and fear. Images are inevitably, due to the nature of the camera, reflections of their original forms. Through framing and intention, they become stylised versions of these moments. And like the memories made whilst travelling, mould into richer, and more surreal accounts to become an essence of their original form.

As I furthered my travels, I began collecting postcards and writing poetry to compliment my photographs. As a response to my experience, I wanted to represent the more idyllic and challenging aspects of the trip. Postcards tend to represent the idyllic travel moments due to their often saturated colours and recognisable iconography. By contrast the Inclusion of my handwritten poetry on the back of each postcard allowed for a more authentic honest, intimate, and sometimes sombre depiction of my travels. The combination of my photography, poetry and collected postcards represent a physical, emotional, and artistic tracing of my travels.

I am very interested in the Landskrona Foto Residency because of these new photography experiences. Being shortlisted for this unique and generous residency last year, means I am even more passionate and committed to the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing experience. I want to look at the coastal town of Landskrona through my ‘Fernverkehr’ project lens. I am looking to find the unusual and surreal beauty of the culture, people and landscape that can be seen through the eyes of a newcomer. I intend to utilise postcards, documents, and found objects as canvases. My poetry will add a depth and authenticity that can both contrast and strengthen my urban and surreal style of photography. I would deeply value the support, connections and artistic community found within this residency. As a young and emerging artist, having a dedicated studio and income would stimulate growth and development within my artistic practice and will give me opportunities and tools to flourish in my creative endeavours. I would be honoured and grateful to produce a unique and cohesive body of work that represents my time spent in Landskrona.

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