Do you see what I see, when I look at me?

I am an Indian-born immigrant, and my interactions with the world feel like a constantly expanding fabrication as I try to make sense of where I physically belong. I’ve realized that I have the access and ability to connect cultures through images that describe issues from within, rather than aggressing from either side in particular. My interests lie in investigating the multiplicity of my “Indian-American” experience and creating art around the fallacies I see plaguing it.

Having studied science, I have a strong desire to experiment and push the boundaries of what I can get photography to represent. I look to the past to see what has come before me, so I can disengage from conventions and add to the conversation, rather than echo it. In this body of work I began to deal with childhood trauma from trying to assimilate in a foreign landscape with no guidance. As a child I had to navigate two cultures and felt constantly estranged from my parents and the world around me, eventually choosing one over the other. In recent years I've began unpacking my decision as a child to reject my Indian culture in hopes of fitting in with my peers and how it has shaped my desires, interests, memories, and inner-voice. During this process I've used the camera as a means to dig deeper and recreate interpretations of my past experiences and have created new ones as I explore my identity as an Indian-American.

Latest Projects

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