• Dates
    2018 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Daily Life, Fine Art, Landscape, Nature & Environment, Portrait, Social Issues, Street Photography, Travel
  • Locations Belgium, Netherlands, Curaçao, Brussels, Antwerp

My work is a visual affair that is personally expressed in reflections. Over the years I have taken countless photos, each a reflections of things I encounter - things that belong somewhere, but also things that don't.

My photography is an exploration of my diaspora in identity. Born in Curaçao, I have spent my life moving from one place to another. I have always lived in places where I feel at home, but also where I don't. This constant change has made me think about my identity and origins.

In my photos I strive for a sense of weight, a layering that invites the viewer to look beyond the surface. It is often not immediately clear what you see; Even though we are talking about poetry, it is a symbol of contemplation in introspection.

Black and white is my choice because of the timelessness and the focus on essence. Color can distract, while black and white emphasizes shape, texture and emotion. It is a conscious aesthetic choice that reinforces my themes and invites the viewer to lose themselves in the nuances of shades of gray.

My photos are intended to raise questions, to open a dialogue about identity, origin and feeling at home.

They challenge the viewer to think about their own experiences with displacement, looking for a feeling of coming home to a world that is constantly moving.

Through my lens I want to create a space where complex emotions and experiences can be explored and celebrated. My photos are not answers, but rather questions - an invitation on to embark on a journey with me, to explore and embrace our ambiguity and humanity.

With each image I hope to offer a moment of introspection, an opportunity to reflect on the many layers of identity and the complexity of this integrated human experience.

My work is an essential search for connection, for understanding, for a sense of home and a world that is constantly in motion.

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