Creature Australis

I found incredible places and lived through unimaginable stories in Australia. Now, I'm putting the pieces together and seeing what I should hang on my wall. It's a blurred image of some sort of a Creature, composed of all that lives within this country.

Creature Australis

I have been living in Australia for the past six years. I left my European life and landed on another planet. Alone, trying to figure out my life. One would say a coming of age or coming out of a bubble story. I didn’t know my final destination. Amidst all the new smells, shapes, colours and creatures, I was trying to survive and plant some seeds to grow a new life. I found incredible moments, places and lived through unimaginable stories. And now, I am trying to put all the pieces together and figure out what picture to hang on my wall. But I keep going round and round in circles. The only thing that comes to me is a blurred image of some sort of a Creature composed of all that lives within the boundaries of this country. Of the many places I have seen and absorbed deep into myself and the nebula of my life.

A single feeling, moment or a word would just not suffice. Nor would any story. 

So here I am, a piece of me at this time of my life, being slowly immersed into this country’s multifaceted cocktail of beings, places and dreamings. 

I am a part of Creature Australis now. 

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