Cholita tenias que ser

  • Dates
    2018 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Location Bolivia, Bolivia

"Cholita tenías que ser", is a project that explores from an intimate and empathetic perspective the identity of the "Chola", (ethnic name referring to mestizo women from the highland areas), built from the need to reconquer the stereotyped image of the "Chola". This project gains strength and relevance at a social level due to the globalization of beauty canons, with which these women do not identify, creating their own visual imagery around their clothes. The cholas use their clothing not only as an identity symbol, but also as an act of identity resistance, due to the highly racialized context that Bolivia is suffering due to political polarization, this project seeks to dignify everything that they represent, as women and as carriers of cultural strength.

This project was born from a turning point in my life, where I question my own identity which leads me to a search to feel part of something or see myself reflected in someone, so I investigated the family album where I meet again with my great-grandmother, Sara, who was "chola" I have some memories of her and my nana Rosa, also "Chola" from these two women and others that I have known throughout my life is how I feel identified with them, in their way of being, in their strength, in their resistance- even if I don’t dressed like them, with their characteristic blanket, skirt and hat.

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