Cell phone camera images divided and reassembled.

In this project I am working with a cell phone camera to create 3 x 3 GRID images of a model nude in the studio. I began to make multiple images in a grid in 1967 while beginning my MFA in Photography Thesis at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I came back to grids in 1992 when I combined 24 images with the Nimslo Camera, and again later in a Grid with the Action Tracker Camera in 1999.

I have been photographing the nude for over 50 years, exploring different cameras, processes and techniques. From the beginning of my working with the nude, I have been interested in making an image that says something, not being just a pretty image. I have been interested in the multiple image.

In this image I am taking one cell phone camera image and fragmenting that image into 9 parts and reorganizing the parts in one 3x3 Grid image.

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