I myself have not yet lost anyone to the pandemic - but behind the numbers of the many who have died, there may be always a story as I have already experienced two years ago.

When my grandfather died, I also lost a piece of home. The series „Billerberg“ is a personal photographic confrontation with grief, loss and insecurities. The poetic-artistic photographs were taken shortly before his house was handed over to its new owners. Many things had already been thrown out, a few things stored, but in many ways it was exactly as he had left it. For the pictures I tried to immerge into the house, to experience it the way my grandfather did all these years. To do so, I spent a few weeks alone in the large and quiet rooms. The resulting self-portraits as well as the staged photographs I took of my parents might seem a bit disturbing at first, and they definetely play with absurdity. But more importantly, they deal with hard decisions, with farewells and memories.

The series consists of 22 photographs and I‘m currently working on a book.

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