At the end of the night

Is this what we are? A whistle, a face hardened by the norm, the loss of detail that rots the vision of who expects. And this place, a scenery where the apocalypse has been recognized and therefore we live in a permanent state of survivor dissociation.

I always ask myself the same questions. Are we violent by nature or is it a behavior forged by institutions? Can poetry actually do something against factual pain?

These images are like those questions and also fragments of an idea. "At the end of the night" is an exercise of meeting the image within the image, of seeing and re-photographing, searching for the hidden, for what causes the scream, the desperation, the aggressive impulse.

I took these photographs during several social conflicts between 2008 and 2013, in different cities of Argentina, places where fear legitimizes certain actions and reaches a breakpoint, a point of imminence, where all the contained madness unleashes.

The series rebuilds a harsh landscape, a course of abuse and agony, of cloudiness. Broken, expanded images, to feel better the sense of fear that comes through bodies and faces massacred by intensity. The main intention is to try to remain with our eyes open when we wish to close them tight. Recognize the violence exercised, the resistance, the reaction to the impact, and also a feature of life drive.

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