Anderswo / Elsewhere

“Anderswo” is a personal exploration of a land away from home, a photographic journey where time and place are insignificant, but existence and recollection matter.

The images in ANDERSWO reflect where I have traveled to, what I have seen, and what I have experienced. A journey to unfamiliar places, both geographically and emotionally. They reveal important moments in my life.

When I talked to people and listened to their stories, I got lost in my own memories. The laughter of their children reminded me of my childhood. The homes I visited resembled what I had seen in photographs from my parents and grandparents who lived, for much of their life, in a country destroyed by war.

Over the many years that I created this body of work, my thoughts kept shifting to the past, my own memories interweaving with the stories I listened to others share. I followed intangible threads without knowing where they would take me. In the end, they led me back to the land I grew up as a little girl, always captivated by the unpredictable.

The Images of Anderswo / Elsewhere are now gathered in a Book Dummy for presentation to Publishers.

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