“Altars” is Agnieszka Sejud’s subjective vision of contemporary Poland. The project is a result of an attempt to diagnose a disease consuming her homeland nowadays. Everyone here prays to his own altar. Altars may take various forms. Poles are living in time of late capitalism but young democracy which went off the rails in past few years. Democratically elected authorities make use of the power ominously. The government serves hatred, evil, foolishness and prevarication. They pursue decay and death. Polish political system resembles more and more totalitarianism. National television offers propaganda and lies. Politicians feed intolerant nationalistic mood through acceptance of racism, xenophobia and aggression towards foreigners. Church participates in these infamous activities.

Poland is situated in Central Europe, on the border between West and East. Poles fluctuate between envy of Western World plethora and distinctive climate of the East. They do have unique aesthetics and they are masters of provisional solutions. Tradition of post-soviet style is being displaced now by narration of big companies and new investments, often funded by European Union. Globalization is inherent, places lose their peculiar character.

Internet and social media are mostly responsible for lasting political crisis here and in the world. Politicians use specialized psychological tools to affect people’s thoughts. One hardly recognizes what is true and what is a lie. Collages and photomanipulation are included in the project to confuse the viewer, to make him wonder what is really happening here.

Strong influence of religion has undoubtedly consequences. Patriarchy is one of them. Polish women are still not always considered as humans, they are refused fundamental rights and their bodies are a matter of public discussion. Some people here suddenly remind themselves the times of Great Poland and wear garments with printed patriotic slogans. Even on socks and underwear made in China they have "God, Honor and Fatherland". Absurdity mixes with lies told by politicians to keep the power. Perhaps Poland experiences permanent liminal state. Moment of transition stopped here forever. Stabilization is yet desired by many.

© Agnieszka Sejud - Celebration of Corpus Cristi

Celebration of Corpus Cristi

© Agnieszka Sejud - The Kotwica, WW2 emblem of the Polish Underground State tattooed on a man's arm

The Kotwica, WW2 emblem of the Polish Underground State tattooed on a man's arm

© Agnieszka Sejud - Independence Day

Independence Day

Altars by Agnieszka Sejud

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