Across, in Between and Beyond

This is a project about love, trust and complicity, about families we create throughout life.

I've been photographing Brazilian trans women and transvestites for my projects ‘Abaixa Que é Tiro’ and ‘Onika’ for four years now. While doing them I got in touch with many layers of the LGBTQI+ community (which I’m part) that I didn’t know existed until then, especially from trans people. Some really disturbing ones, like when it was brought to my attention the huge amount of trans men committing suicide, or how disphorya can mess with someone’s head and how this is something I’ll never be able to completely understand as a cisgender woman. On the other hand others enchanted me, like when I realized Onika (a transvestite I documented for two years) isn’t hiding her penis all the time anymore, and I noticed that this is a movement among some transvestites, the same with some trans boys that are proud of their vaginas and also for being able to give birth, but by far what really got me were the non-binaries and their lifestyle, especially how they relate with each other. I noticed the existence of a chain of links and relationships between them when they started suggesting friends to be photographed and wanted to be photographed with them. They have chains of affection created to support each other in the most various ways, from emotional help to housing and money. I foced this project in this, by portraying them in pairs and repeating the characters later with other people and so on. I feel that at this point, after having photographed more than 60 transvestites, 2 years documenting Onika and months on this project, I’ve gained the trust of the trans community, It's gratifying to have my work recognized by the community itself to the point that they themselves helped me to accomplish it, and once this is a project about love and affection, trust is a main ingredient.

© Camila Falcão - Bibi & Eric, 2019

Bibi & Eric, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Bibi, 2019

Bibi, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Gabs & Bibi, 2019

Gabs & Bibi, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Luare, 2019

Luare, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Luare & Teo, 2019

Luare & Teo, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Lucy, 2019

Lucy, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Lucy & Lune, 2019

Lucy & Lune, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Lune & Lu, 2019

Lune & Lu, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Pam & Guino, 2019

Pam & Guino, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Djoasis, 2019

Djoasis, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Pam & Pauli, 2019

Pam & Pauli, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Benett, 2109

Benett, 2109

© Camila Falcão - Juno & Benett, 2019

Juno & Benett, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Tata & Benett, 2019

Tata & Benett, 2019

© Camila Falcão - Laian & Maya, 2019

Laian & Maya, 2019

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