A Symphony of Blooming Hearts

  • Dates
    2019 - Ongoing
  • Author
  • Topics Portrait, Daily Life, Documentary
  • Location Gaza, Palestinian Territory

Just as birds were born to be free and soar, so were humans. An eternal desire of blooming over war.

“A Symphony of Blooming Hearts”

Just as birds were born to be free and soar, so were humans.

An eternal desire of blooming over war. 
Flowers grew in the chests of those who lived,
nurturing them with boundless affection.

The idea of freedom is omnipresent in every heart.

At dawn, at 4:30 am, we rise. Amidst passing through more than one checkpoint to reach Gaza, a hollow feeling resides in my stomach. Soldiers and weapons sway to the accelerated and slow rhythm of my heart, while my hands become drenched in sweat.

Venturing further and navigating endless questions and checkpoints, I finally arrived in Gaza. No cameras, no permission to document, only limitations. I requested a camera and chose to narrate what barely resonates from this land, its beauty. 45 km of fortitude, 2 million people yearning for freedom. I yearn to echo their greatness, their warmth, their love, their hospitality. The orange sunsets, the red strawberries, sweet and succulent, the sound of the sea, the laughter, and the people.

When I search Gaza on the internet, tears, rockets, demolished buildings, and women mourning the loss and death of their martyrs and loved ones dominate the forefront. Today, I wish to write how I want to remember Gaza, as an act of love. This is my letter of images, longing to shatter the stereotypes of a forgotten land, but one that will always remain memorable to me.

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