A Handshake with a Martian

A Handshake with a Martian

Provoked by my inner curiosity into the UFO scene in the United Kingdom, A Hand Shake with a Martian is a personal investigation into the British UFO phenomena. I embark on a journey that takes me across the UK to try and understand what has occurred. Supported by official declassified documents, this project is a photographic response to my journey. I meet the people who believe in and research ufos, as well as visit the locations where these famous sightings happened.

This particular part of the project, that I am submitting to you, is based at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. Rendlesham Forest is home to the United Kingdom’s most famous ufo event that happened in December 1980, where a series of strange and bizarre lights were seen outside a USAF air force base, RAF Woodbridge.

Rendlesham forest is located between RAF Bentwaters and Raf Woodbridge, in which Bentwaters supposedly stored American Nuclear weapons during the Cold War, making the whole event even more suspicious. This section of the project is where the title, "A Handshake with a Martian" originates from. The portrait featured is of a man called Derek and his brother Andrew. Derek is a medium, someone who can see and talk to spirits, ghosts and other paranormal entities. Derek told me about the time he had arranged to meet and shake hands with a Martian, thus giving birth to the title. After meeting Derek, I was introduced to a lady called Brenda. Brenda leads a group of mediums who walk around the forest at night and search for any signs of spirits, ghosts or paranormal activity, this is where the project turned to night. To this day, nothing has been officially released explaining what was witnessed on that fateful night, or regarding other sightings that were witnessed across the United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.samuelfradley.com/

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