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Sofia Lopez Mañan PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Sofia Lopez Mañan PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Sofia Lopez Mañan PHmuseum Limited Edition Print


Sofía López Mañán is an Argentine photographer based in Buenos Aires.

She is currently working in various photographic projects with a deep commitment in environmental issues where she seeks to unravel the boundaries between the natural and unnatural, questioning how humans perceive their habitat and other ambience through issues of animal trafficking and conservation. She was originally trained as a painter, however, a commission where she documented the closure of the Buenos Aires Zoo was a turning point in her life, as she underwent naturalism studies.

In 2020 she received a National Geographic Emergency Fund for Journalists and was shortlisted for Magnum Social Justice Program. In 2019 she was part of the Joop Swart Master Class, received a Nat Geo Grant with a group project in wetlands, and a film grant from the Argentine Film Institute for her documentary Kamatsu´s Odyssey.

Her works have been exhibited in several national and international art galleries.

Natalia is a tiger that lives amongst eighty other felines in the former Lujan Zoo in Argentina. This picture is part of the project Nature is Dead where I investigate the idea of nature as a cultural construction. I visited the zoo on three different occasions. Natalia was taken to the main house and with absolute freedom, she would walk from the kitchen to the room. The zoo director would be there, overfeeding her with chicken wings while communicating me his beliefs that wild animals can become domesticated.