Replikant - Uta Genilke


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88 Pages / 23x32 cm
500 copies / Soft cover
Design by Giulia Boccarossa
Published by Witty Books in September 2023
With support and an economic contribution by PhMuseum
ISBN 979-12-80177-33-9

The work was developed during Folio 2022/23, a PhMuseum masterclass where participants work to conclude a body of work and have it ready for publishing.

"Recently I discovered an old folder with many handwritten pages - says Uta Genilke.

They were all dreams that I had written down in 1985 because they seemed important to me. At that point I had just lost my first great love in a car accident and had withdrawn from the world, living in my small apartment like in a dark cave, avoiding contact with other people, the television on for hours until the end of broadcasting. I was very afraid to fall asleep because then the dreams came, the nightmares, in which a white Mercedes Benz was slowly chasing me down a lonely country road, or I heard a voice from a ditch, from a crashed car, it was him calling for help, but I suspected he was just trying to lure and capture me.

After some months I started to look forward to it, I learned that I could control my dreams, my boyfriend seemed to be stuck in a kind of in-between world, I could meet him there at night if I wanted. REPLIKANT shows my nocturnal adventures from this time. When I went out one winter evening and met a new man, my dreams disappeared, and I never saw my lover again."

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