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Felipe Romero PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Felipe Romero PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Felipe Romero PHmuseum Limited Edition Print


Felipe Romero Beltrán (1992 - Bogotá, Colombia) is a visual artist based in Madrid, Spain. In 2010, He earned a residency in Argentina and moved to Buenos Aires to study Photography. By that time, he had developed an interest in documentary photography and travelled many times abroad for his projects. In 2014, Felipe earned a scholarship in Jerusalem, at the Academy of Arts Bezalel and moved to Israel. In 2016, he moved to Madrid, Spain where he got an MFA degree in photography.

Felipe focuses on social issues, dealing with the tension that new narratives introduce in the field of documentary photography. At the same time, he is developing a PhD program on documentary photography at the Complutense University of Madrid and he is a teacher of photography. His practice, characterized by its interest in social matters, is the result of long-term projects accompanied by extensive research on the subject. 


  1. Reduce the amount, size, intensity, or importance of a thing.
  2. Subdue or force to obey something or someone who offers resistance.
  3. Changing or converting one thing into something else, usually smaller.

The legal status of an immigrant determines whether she or he can regularly transit all city streets. The immigrant’s daily routine is affected when he or she does not have identification documents or a valid residence in the country. That is known as an Undocumented Person. The police force checks periodically the legal status of residents in certain areas of the city looking for undocumented immigrants. If the immigrant is arrested, he or she is subdued and transferred to the Undocumented Detention Center in order to be deported. Reducción (to subdue) explores undocumented immigrant’s procedures of arrestment and violence in Madrid. The Project is composed of photographs of two undocumented immigrants implementing the techniques of the Police Defense Manual to subdue each other. The procedure was instructed by a police officer.