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Andrés Yépez PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Andrés Yépez PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Andrés Yépez PHmuseum Limited Edition Print


Photographer and Anthropologist based in Quito, Ecuador. Member of Fluxus Foto collective and Everyday Ecuador. His personal work addresses identity, memory and the relationship between human and the environment, using photography as the main language and combining it with other disciplines in order to explore stories that focus on social, cultural and human rights issues.

Grantee of COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists of National Geographic Society with Fluxus Foto. Selected for the New York Times Portfolio Review 2020 and the XXXIII Eddie Adams Workshop. Participated in the 20+Photographers camp Bolivia 2018. Nominated for National Geographic's Second Assistant Program and World Press Photo 6x6 Global Talent Latin America 2019. Winner of the contest 'Miradas Indígenas' 2013 and winner of the category 'Gente' in the Mobile Photography Awards 2015.

His work has been featured in National Geographic, NPR, AJ+ en Español, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Bex Magazine, La Barra Espaciadora, PH Museum, El Comercio, La Hora, among others, and has been part of exhibitions in Spain, Canada, Turkey, United States and Ecuador.

Currently works as a freelance photographer and develops his personal projects.

This photo is part of my project “OOMO”, an approaching through light and colour that explores the symbolic elements of the Amazon Bolivian adolescence, unveiling an emerging identity where the modern, part of global culture, converges with the colonial one as part of the territorial configuration of that region; all this added to the sensations own of this stage of life where they discover themselves and also recognize the other. It was taken in a community called Limoncito, in western Bolivia, in a small sports field in that town, where teenagers play in the afternoons after school. There, I could recognize certain elements painted on the enclosure of this space. Among them, I found this heart and it immediately connected me to the feeling of romance that begins to be born in adolescence and evokes love and crush. The colours of the sunset that day produced an amazing atmosphere that complemented very well the symbolic reading of that heart: teenage romance and the illusion of falling in love as one of the elements that are present at this stage. Limoncito, Santa Cruz Province, Bolivia. 2018.