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Adriane de Souza PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Adriane de Souza PHmuseum Limited Edition Print

Adriane de Souza PHmuseum Limited Edition Print


I am not my father (2019):
Adriane de Souza:
Fine Art Print:
Printed on Hahnemuhle Rag 308g:
Paper Size 20x30 cm:
Limited Edition of 30:
Author's bio

Adriane de Souza is a Brazilian photographer currently based in Doha, Qatar. She received her BA degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Years later, she shifted to photography as a way of self-liberation, research, and to further understand human interactions and emotions. 

Adriane has been selected by Adobe as a part of Adobe Rising Stars in 2019, featured in Inside, PHmuseum Mobile Photography Book to be published in January 2021, she also won second place and was book cover for Photos from the Arab World by Jotun as well as a feature in the book of Prêmio URBS Brasil. She won third place in single image category on Lens Culture Journeys 2020. 

Her work has been exhibited in several locations such as Brazil, Qatar, Russia, UAE and United Kingdom. Adriane has two ongoing projects. "I am not my father", where she explores concepts of masculinity and "Qawiya" (قوية) which means strong, where she explores the presence and importance of women in various sports in Qatar.

"I am not my father" is a photo series that brings light to the effects of the concept of masculinity taught to men of colour, which does not allow or encourage these men to be open and express their emotions. This work wants to encourage the creation of content that goes beyond the stereotype of what masculine behaviour should be, and that men must be strong and protect, disregarding their feelings and affection. Creating a never-ending cycle that affects men, women and children.