Los Hijos de Pariacaca

Prin Rodriguez

2018 - Ongoing

Pativilca, Lima, Peru

Apu Pariacaca, from the first time I read your stories, an internal world opened, your voice started to beat until today.

We were your children and I didn’t know, we didn't know the rites, we had forgotten your sounds, but in this artificial city we keep feeling your presence somehow. In the midst of eras, violence, wounds and pain, your children shone over visions of an indecipherable time.

The truth is we had not forgotten anything, we have just changed, walked extensive uprooting paths, but today we meet in this wounded territory.

Apu Pariacaca, your children are mountains with lights, plastic flowers, neon hands and red clouds that sing and laugh in living languages, they look at me and question me (or maybe it's me who looks at you and questions you) Where are we going? Who we are? We can no longer go backwards, I do not know the answer, perhaps we have lost our roots or they just have grown deeper into the earth.

I open my eyes and I see a sacred territory, unpenetrable, robust of beauty and profanity, a territory that keeps beating and bleeding, your children continue walking from there, submerged in a utopia, somekind of a vision, a myth or will be the brightness of your children who blinds us?

“Los Hijos de Pariacaca” (Sons of Pariacaca), is a work based on the metaphor of being the son of a deity, the images seek to create a dream world in which times merge with echoes of the past and visions of the future.

Pariacaca is one of Peru’s oldest divinities, and his figure and stories are significant in the Andean imaginary. The stories and myths about him are my starting point to think about his legacy, and his dynasty that spread through several territories in Peru, and the possibility of working through the power of myth.

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  • Jorgicha.

  • Heart.

  • Birth.

  • Heartbeats Above the Sea.

  • The Stars are Reborn in Renzo.

  • Roots.

  • Offering.

  • Ibraim and the Clouds in his Memories.

  • Pariacaca.

  • Jimmy, a Heart that Shines.

  • The Storm, the worlds collide.

  • The Andes.

  • The City Disappears.

  • Chuquichinchay.

  • Flowers of Vilca.

  • Diego, the Wind Brings Melancholy.

  • Ruins About our Memory.

  • Time Ripples in the Eyes of Carlos.