Published on 30th August 2014

To Conquer Her Land

  • Two soldiers girls enjoying an intimate moment behind the mosquito net at the night-time. There are many women forging lesbian relationships in the camp, however, under a strict ‘don't’ ask’ and ‘don’t tell’ policy. Kharkan camp. Kharkan, August, 2009

  • Suitcase. Home in Jalandhar, July 2009. Manpreet Soni watches her mother pack her suitcase, before she is sent away for training.

  • Photo-frame of Sheila Vishwakarma, a Kashmiri Pundit at her home in Bazpur Uttaranchal. September 2009.

  • Dancing in the border barracks, Attari, January 2011

  • Namaaz Time for the Muslim women in the force, boot camp in Khatka. September 2009

  • Woman looking away during obstacle training, Kharkan, July 2009.

  • During lunch break at the mess. Khatka Camp, July 2009.

  • Shabbo Kumari at the border Indo-Pakistan of Attari, Punjab. October 2011.

  • Kaur Walia, putting on her uniform at home before leaving for the border. Kharkan Chowk Village, Punjab September 2009.

  • An infiltrator trying to cross over to Pakistan illegally lie died on the fences. He was found with a plastic bag and some writings on a paper. No identifications were found. The main reasons why people cross over to join the militancy in Pakistan, for drug smuggling and people smuggling. In this particular case the reasons are unknown. Attari Border, January 2011.

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  • Storm at the border in Udhampur. Indo-Pakistan Border Jammu & Kashmir, October 2009.

  • Sona Singh and Kamal Dar of the Border Security Armed Force in their barracks, Kharkan, Punjab, July 2009.

  • A newly married couple. They fell in love in the border. They meet twice a month in a small room. Fatehpur 2013

  • Training during night firing. Kharkan, August 2009.
    Training during night firing. Kharkan, August 2009.

  • PBASU_TCHL_018
    Alpha coy of 118 women at dawn wait for their training to begin. Khatka Camp, Punjab, June 2009.

  • Training during night firing. Kharkan, August 2009.

  • Rana Kaur, before the Roll Call. Bootcamp in Khatka, August 2009.

  • A family portrait, few hours before Gurpreet Kaur Walia was leaving for the border. Kharkan Chowk Village, Punjab September 2009.

  • Training during night firing. Kharkan, August 2009.

  • Manpreet Soni, pensive and quiet at her home in Jalandhar, July 2009.

  • Bangles belonging to Shabbo Kumari hanging on the wall of her house, Punjab, October 2009

  • Rain at the Indo-Pakistan Border, Jammu & Kashmir, October 2009.

  • Line of defense taking their stance. Kharkan September 2009.

  • Women from the Indian Border Security Armed Force during a weapon-cleaning session in their training, Kharkan, August 2009.

  • Poor village farmers are being checked after frisking. The travel to the border everyday with their children and food supplies to farm in their land that lies outside the fences. Fatehpur, Indo-Pakistan border, September 2009.

  • Dust at the first line of control marking end of Punjab and beginning of Jammu & Kashmir. October 2011.

  • The last sleep with the family. Seema Sur asleep in her home in Jhargram, West Bengal. September 2009

  • A parachute flares lights up the night-time firing training exercise boot camp Kharkan, October 2009.

  • Women soldiers at the bootcamp, which is the final stage of training before the women are placed on active duty at the border, Kharken, August 2009.

  • Invisible soldiers standing under the moonlight. Boot camp in Kharkan, August 2009.

To Conquer Her Land

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