Oleg Ponomarev

2012 - 2014

This is a series of screenshots of passengers' baggage scanning device at St.Petersburg metro stations. Photographs of X-ray scanners.

This project is dedicated to the idea of the control a phenomenon which becomes a part of our life. On the one hand, there are CCTV cameras on the buildings and in the transport, on the other - monitoring of social networks and phone calls. I'm interested in the paradox of this system. New control methods are developed but a human still doesn't feel safe. He forced to carry security tool and guns. What is the reason for this? Is this a paranoia or just a way to feel safe?

On the other hand, I want to tell about photography potentialities.

Susan Sontag compared a photographer to a voyeur, and I'm interested in this project, because it can be considered as "other" level of voyeurism, it's about watching the watchers".

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