Paloma Lounice

2020 - Ongoing

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico; Waco, Texas, United States

My ongoing project, Ramona, is a chapter of a larger body of work that explores family heritage, identity, migration, faith, and memory as a construct. Ramona is the result of my search for convergences in family history and personal identity and serves as an intimate portrait of my deceased mother. In this work, I employ archival images and my own photographs to trace the parallelism and divergence, unity, and disunity in the lineage of the women in my family.

Drawing on the negative space of family and personal memory, I take a multifaceted approach to my work with text, objects, audio, images, and video, always highlighting the materiality of remembrance.

I plan to develop the complementing chapters of this project that explore these intricate and often unkempt relationships. Said chapters will also reflect on familial ties, detachments, and the descent of family narratives that continually reconstruct and adjust personal identity.

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  • Portrait of My Mother, Digital Print, 2021

  • Family Portrait, Digital Print, 2020

  • Incision, Digital Print with Hand Stiching, 2021

  • Joint Portrait, Digital Print, 2020

  • Fruits of The Spirit, Digital Print, 2021

  • Genttleness - B, Digital Print, 2021

  • Do Not Adorn Yourselves, Digital Print, 2021

  • The Undoing - Grandma Ryan, Digital Print, 2021

  • Mothery By The Barn, Digital Print, 2021

  • This Little Light of Mine, Digital Print, 2021

  • Mi Primera Biblia, Digital Print, 2021

  • The Way Home, Digital Print/Diptych, 2021

  • Notes On Light, Digital Print/Diptych, 2021

  • Notes On Sound, Digital Print/Ditych, 2021

  • Readiness, Digital Print/Diptych, 2021

  • Self-Portrait, Digital Print, 2021

  • Torn, Digital Print, 2021

  • Fruits of Childhood, Digital Print, 2021