AWTG (Around the Way Girls)

Patricia Lafontant

2018 - Ongoing

Project Statement: "AWTG"

Around the way girls is an ode to women of color labeled. ghetto, trashy, loud and “too much”

Around the way girls are girls from around the way. A simple truth yet the very antithesis of our understandings of what is palatable. She presents diametrically opposed to the Ivy educated, the appropriate.

Interestingly, she possesses the same qualities and traits- only her belonging is ephemeral. Despite familiarity being a powerful determinant of attraction and acceptance, the Around the way girl matures to be an over-analyzed and overlooked woman.

Project Timeline:

Conceptualized late December of 2019, this project is in its preliminary phase with a development timeline to conclude January 2020. Each photograph is associated with a poem that references a culturally relevant place, time, event or song lyric as a cry that representation is salvation. I am seeking resources to include capital, research, archives and photographic equipment to reach its full potential.

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