The new erotic - beyond the flesh

Petra Kroon


Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

The new erotic - beyond the flesh

What are the social consequences of technological developments in porn and sex industry? Sex robots, sex toys that allow you to have sex, touch each other remotely or even have sex together remotely. And 3d-porn. You no longer need a real person to have sex with, neither do you have to leave the house to actually feel someone else. What do these developments mean for intimacy, what are the consequences for how we treat each other, for human relationships? Recently US researchers warned that the availability of sex robots with artificial intelligence (AI) poses a growing psychological and moral threat to individuals and society.

In a series of 7 photos and 2 videos I let people think about these developments.

N.B the last 2 visuals are stills of videos. Because there is no upload option, I have added 2 stills. You can see them here and here

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  • You don't need to leave your house to have sex with somebody else, to reallly feel the other.
    1_webcam selena_the new erotic_PK

  • Creating and living your own sex fantasy, at home. With 3 d porn and haptic devises you see and feel the other as real.
    2_user _the new erotic_PK

  • Production of haptic porn movie.
    3_visual film__the new erotic_PK

  • Construction of haptic device.
    4_Kiiroo__the new erotic_PK

  • Production of haptic porn movie.
    5_Kiiroo 2_the new erotic_PK

  • online user.
    6_user__the new erotic_PK

  • 7_reconnect_the new erotic_PK

  • haptic device and porn movie; see video here
    Still video _the new erotic_PK_

  • 3d porn adviertisement.
    still video_2_the new erotic_PK
    see video here