''Swedish Family''

Pratya Jankong

2011 - 2013

Stockholm, Sweden

“Swedish Family”

About 10 years ago, “ I am pregnant” She, my older sister told me that. A few months later, she needed to move to Stockholm, Sweden, where her husband came from. They wanted the child would be born there that how it started the extending of my family.

“Swedish Family” is the collection of my memories when I visited my sister and her family in Sweden. I went there around summer 2010 and fall 2013. I stayed and spent time with my sister, nieces, Felicia and Manorah, her husband and her husband’s family. I captured every day life, the space I stays, cityscape, people etc. I also witnessed the motherhood of my sister. She had devoted her life to this. “ My children would fry away when they grow up in the certain age” she told me. Therefore, she wanted to spent time as much as possible at the moment with them.

Moreover, I experienced Scandinavian life, culture and people. The time that had shifted a lot form my mother country, Thailand. I walked out form the bar at 10.00 pm to see the sunset along the way I was going home in summer. In fall, everywhere seemed abandoned at just 5.00 pm and it got dark already. I could not find any beer to get home because all the supermarkets closed early. I tried get out and wandered everywhere and photographed everything I saw at the moment.

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