Death No.1

Piotr Karpinski


United Kingdom

My work is about Life and Death. I am fascinated by both.

Presented pictures are a part of a series called “Death No.1”. This selection of photographs depicts flowers left over on graves captured relatively soon after funeral ceremonies.

I created series of photographs exploring symbols of flowers in a direct context of a Human Death. Fragility of life and passing time can be easily observed when having a flower as an object. I decided to photograph this object in a particular set of circumstances related to Death. Many photographs of this series were taken after it rained- water is one of life symbols too.

What is always behind the image is a thought. Thoughts behind my photographs are my fascinations, fears and concerns related to existence and its ending. I think of Death extensively and most of the time it gives me a positive energy. I am very much interested in Memento mori theme in visual art. My main inspiration is focused on key themes: Time, Death, Life- I usually work around those as a starting point when taking a picture.

Shoot in London 2015.

I work on a medium format 6x7“ film camera.

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