The Garden's crossroads

Pang Hai

2020 - Ongoing

Lu Daosen died.

He is 26 years old, and is an internet celebrity freelance photographer. I am also a photographer, but I am still alive and walking on the road.

Why did Lu Dawson died? Before his death, he published his will online, which stated that he was a left-behind child in the rural areas. He was bullied as a student and became a dream chaser living alone in the city when he grew up. And he has no love or money in the big city, his dreams are squeezed out by reality, and there is no future.

His story is not an individual case.

With the rapid population growth and rapid economic development in the past 40 years, resources have become relatively concentrated, classes have gradually solidified, and wealth has become a measure of success. Social changes have made interpersonal relationships intricate, and trust has gradually diminished. Competition has been with us since we were born, and the belief in excellence is rooted in everyone's heart. We have been in anxiety for a long time, worrying about being eliminated by the era of rapid development. The security system of average wealth has now disappeared. It is full of challenges for ordinary people to change their living standards. Coupled with a series of pressures such as emotional loneliness and traditional concepts, it makes it difficult for us to make choices at the crossroads of life.

Eventually Lu Daosen stopped at the crossroads.

In the city of stars, there is no light to light it up. Those dreams that have been poured day and night have become endless dust, no one will remember. It is a pity that you died and the news made me know you in this way. But why am I not someone like you? Every day I walk at the crossroads of the garden and see the endless stream of people. There are too many people and every face is blurred, the tired faces that I don't want to see. Some people are still there at the Garden crossroads, but more people have disappeared from the big city like animals. Where did they go? Are they okay?

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  • 1.Round Pier at the Crossroads: Is the world a ball? Elastic? Is the world a stone? A cold?

  • Little Red Flower: We are all flowers, flowers reflect on each of us, standing out is the goal of our generation.

  • The box is home: Me in the box? This is my space. It's small, but it's quiet. It can also take me anywhere.

  • Mother: Jing is a single mother, raising children is a responsibility, taking care of the elderly is filial piety, working day and night to support the family, she has to become a strong woman.

  • Intersection : Greedy butterflies gather together.

  • Big Red Flower: In the year of equal wealth distribution, people were proud of their honor by wore red flowers. Today, wealth has gradually become the only criterion of success, and money is more important than honor.

  • Climbing trees: The branches are getting thinner and thinner, even if they fall, they will not hesitate. The child still has to climb up, the further the climb, the wider the road.

  • Junction : The dog is lifted up by the electronic pillar, and it must hug the pillar.

  • Retired: Guan Dong retired from the army. He escaped modern life for 2 years, and now he's back where he started. He said he was a little sorry not to stay in the army, now he will be strict with himself, and work hard to make money.

  • Grid life: We all live in the grid.

  • back to the childhood: The character when we were young affects us as adults.why child. Why are we always so happy when we were young?Now that we have less time to be happy, Yuan Yuanxiang feels that people are indifferent and numb now.He wanted to go back to when he was a child, forget about the present, and think about nothing.

  • Relations?

  • Where our dreams begin.

  • Take a break, no: Your phone rings, you're on line 24 hours a day to work, and you need to keep your good face on at all times. Wen Hao spends every day like this.

  • Junction : Tie it,don’t let the bird fly away.

  • Thorn: Tomorrow is unknown, every day when Bo Wen open his eyes, he will suffer from sales performance. As a salesman of Huawei, his performance has been seriously affected by the sanctions imposed by the United States. He likes NASA, because it has the spirit of exploration, and he believes that he can break through the thorn and regain the light in the near future.

  • Traffic lights: Cheng Gang doesn’t have many friends. He is a code farmer. Dealing with machines all the time,he is eager to meet new friends. We met in QQ software and participated in a hiking activity, then we became friends, an activity friend? He told me that when he was a child, he used to be adventurous, and he showed me his ability to climb, which is not difficult, but the people in the city, just can’t and dare to go.

  • Home:He hasn't made any friends for two years. He thinks that with the increase of age, the yearning for love becomes more indifferent, and it takes time and money to communicate with people, so it is better to live by himself.

  • Fishing: Shaojiang came to Beijing for 6 years. He said that there are many opportunities and he can make more money than his hometown. Unfortunately, there is no salary increase in 6 years, and there is no good opportunity for him. Even if he works for a lifetime, he can’t afford a house. He may be leaving soon if he can't get a “big fish” in the city.

  • Junction : My world? Me in the world?

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