Blank Bodies

Pablo Magú

2015 - 2020

These images belong to my first long term project, composed by 48 photographs.

I would define this work as an exploration of my conscious and subconscious to try to understand how the image we have of ourselves and that we project to the outside affects our lives in the way we relate to our world.

Photography is the best way I know to relate to the world. Through the camera I interpret the reality that I observe of which I am part as an active subject.

But I find it difficult to classify this project into a single concept or topic. It is the result of the approach to a series of questions and doubts that may not have a clear answer.

How and to what extent our conscious and subconscious modify the image we perceive of what surrounds us, projecting ourselves on it as well? Do we transform what we observe by projecting our emotions and personal experiences onto it?

In what way does the relationship between the observer and the observed subject influence the image we perceive of it?

I understand photography as something that alters sense and provokes emotion before reasoning. I ask a series of questions and I present my personal experience as a consequence of the search for self-knowledge. I hope in the same way that the viewer may understand my vision or that his interpretation will lead him to other questions and conclusions.

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