N.D.S.L. (Nulla Dies Sine Linea)

Pasquale Fanelli

2021 - Ongoing

About the “N.D.S.L.” Project

The photographic project I'm currently working on stems from the idea of analyzing the silent relationships that exist between people belonging to different generations (and often far apart) but united by a blood tie.

The question I ask myself is if and how the choices made by a person in a given historical period can be reflected, even after a long time, in the lives of other descendants, influencing, modifying and shaping them.

The answer is that we are never really sure that what we are living is the destiny that the universe has reserved for us or it is only the sum of actions, words, decisions made by those who have preceded us.

“Family constellations”

Through a technique of parapsychology called "family constellations" it is possible to obtain a real portrait of a family, using a group of people who represent its different components.

Without being given specific indications, these people will begin to configure among themselves (really feeling them, even physically) all the levels of intimacy, love, pain, sense of abandonment that each member of the family represented feels with respect to the others. Everyone, in essence, feels what the family members really felt.

In this way, the person who has asked to represent his family through the constellation will be able to have in front of his eyes the real awareness of how things have gone and will be able to understand the meaning, so long obscure, of some of his feelings, emotions, emotional blocks.

The person will have in front of his/her eyes his/her own destiny; in other words, the concept of destiny acquires the meaning of evolution that life has taken, in its positive and negative aspects.

The concept of "constellation"

The careful observation of family constellations provides a well-defined vision: none of us is an isolated entity but is part of a complex system of bonds that remain solid over time even as people die and generations are overtaken by other generations, in a continuous cycle of life.

This is what happens, for example, with starlight that continues to be reflected in our universe even though those stars have been extinguished for millions of years.

It is quite insane to think that the light of many now extinct stars still guides our orientation!

Everything is linked within an enormous apparatus in which silent and subtle dynamics are reproduced, capable of outlining the physiognomy of our own life.

Representation techniques

The representational technique I am using for this project involves the use of different types of photographs and different types of editing techniques.

In particular, I use official photos of the N.A.S.A. that represent constellations or other amazing glimpses of the universe, archive photos that portray the most disparate moments of common life and photographs of the "present".

Through the use of overlapping, the creation of diptychs/triptychs and graphic interventions, I try to reconstruct the complexity of the connections between the individual person and his or her own destiny and the destiny of the world, the complexity of the dynamics, the emptiness, the fullness, the happy days, the melancholy and the sadness, the noise of life and the absolute silence of the space around us which is, at the same time, the containment and the content.

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