Trees, cars, figures of people, assorted barriers

Petr Antonov

2010 - 2013

The series contains photographs made between 2010 and 2013 in Moscow and depicting combinations of visual elements that are expected to be recurrent throughout post-Soviet cultural landscape. While these situations are vested with the potential to repeat in other locations, the cityscape of Moscow is seen as representative of any such location. This is based on following related assumptions: (1) the prosperity of the Centre being the historical aim of Russia’s eastbound expansion and the centre-to-periphery migration being it’s main driving force were turning new settlements into replicas of the Main city existing as a function; (2) the recent reversal of the centre-to-periphery migration to the opposite trend has resulted in a higher-than-before intensity of human and financial resources in Moscow, leading to the most pronounced change in cultural landscape; (3) being part of one culture all Russian inhabited localities demonstrate shared principles, and these are visible with special acuteness in Moscow.

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  • Нelipad c/w fence, windsock, rubbish bins, portable offices and toilet, helicopter during take off, trees, parking space c/w sports car, figures of people, lawn, truck

  • Railway platform, shopping mall with parking space, assorted utility buildings, boiler house c/w chimney (also includes assorted vehicles, railway tracks, trees, figures of people, crushed rock, power lines, assorted barriers)

  • Parking lot, figures of people, cars, lighting towers, crawler crane, assorted heavy machinery, assorted barriers, corrugated sheet fence, freight containers, kiosk, jet planes

  • Parking space c/w assorted cars, figures of people, semi-permanent shop buildings (with A/C units, signage, satellite dishes), filling station, pedestrian bridge, billboards and banners, multi-lane freeway c/w drainage channel, trees, barriers

  • Residential buildings, highway, trees (w/o foliage), indoor ski slope, banners (large), filling station, cars, figures of people, dry grass, lamp posts

  • Residential buildings, figures of people at leisure, assorted sledges and baby strollers, figures of dogs, trees, winter landscape

  • Office building with furnished interiors, construction barriers (with net and warning light), compactor, concrete blocks, shop signs, lamp post

  • Minibuses, buses (also in MEGA shopping mall livery), bus stops and kiosks, billboards, shop signs, banners, road signs, waste bins, lamp posts with power lines, taxi, trees, chimney, pedestrian crossing, figures of people

  • T-junction, office building, residential building, billboards, lamp posts with power lines, assorted barriers, cars, figures of people, pedestrian crossing, grass, trees, A/C units

  • Concrete office building, modular office buildings, residential buildings, school building (also includes lawns, notice board, guard house, flower pots, trees, cars)

  • 3-way junction, residential buildings, shopping malls (also includes figures of people, billboards and signage, buses, cars, kiosks, bus stops, payment kiosk, traffic lights and road signs, tram tracks, lamp posts, power lines, two types of clocks, A/C units)

  • Modern building, bus, front loader, figures of people at leisure, figures of people working, road signs, information board, stairs c/w hand rails, lamp posts, barriers, cars, trucks, surveillance cameras, waste bins

  • Historical buildings, three kinds of stairs, trees, figures of people, lighting tower (also includes ice cream and souvenir stalls, assorted barriers, utility machinery, flower beds, lawn)

  • Trolleybus depot, chimney, trolleybuses, industrial compound, office buildings, trees