The Truths

Peng Zhou

2018 - Ongoing

Project Description

My art originates from classical Chinese philosophy and the notion of appreciation of beauty. I try to quest the initial and profound generality among the multiple civilizations, and through the way of abstract photography to fusing diversified principles to demonstrate my claim to the art concept of Harmony.

My aesthetic direction has been inspired by Chinese painting—the Cavalier Perspective, Line, Void, Qi (Spirit-resonance and Life-movement)—and Western oil painting—Color and Color Tone, Light and Shadow, and Third Dimensions. I mix all the principles and create balance in the artworks.

Artist Statement

The Truths

A bright light gleams in the chaos of life, it gives us a direction to the gateway which we are struggling to find. In a riotously colorful but disorderly world, we are merciful and hard-hearted, convinced and suspicious, joyous and weeping. Too many thoughts and emotions congest the mind. Our vision is foggy; We fail to identify a direction and become lost on the way to the right track.

How many times have I asked myself if what I see and hear is the truth? People receive many stories from the outside, from daily hassles to the most important events. The answers of the stories hold diversified opinions, and there is much to be said on both sides. People reluctantly negotiate with outcomes for controversial issues. However, have we thought about whether these differing opinions can reflect upon universal truths? Fundamentally, who can offer us a firm answer? Do we actually even need an answer? These two questions are deeply ambivalent to me.

The truths are waiting to embrace us all day long. The truths are not only the answers produced under the interactions between opposite sides but are also “The Way”, as it is called by Lao Tzu. To discover “The Way”, to follow it, we must keep thinking about the pros and cons so that walls will be dissolved. This is my reason for creating art through photography. I feel I don’t need answers because “The Way” happens naturally, the truths will bestow their answers to me.

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