Sexualidades femeninas

Paz Olivares droguett

2016 - Ongoing

Valparaíso, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sexualidades femeninas began 2016 as a photographic project that sought to document testimonies in relation to the sexuality of women and non-binary people. As I began to photograph and learn about the experiences of so many women and the Latin American reality; the photographic project became a community.

Many of the people who have contributed their testimonies continue to support our work from different areas and today we are finishing putting together our own website. We decided to take advantage of the visibility of our research for the benefit of people who work in comprehensive sexuality education, health and other projects that contribute to a better understanding of female sexuality from intersectional feminism.

From these transformations we invite other photographers to contribute their images and testimonies. To take a step aside in relation to photographic authorship, understand the importance and magnitude of our project as a social issue that seeks to raise women's voices and document uncovered stories to contribute to the generation of a new normal.

We also seek to promote the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education from preschool education. From the testimonials we receive, we prepare a survey and articles of interest.

Each of these images represents a session where people wanted to give testimony of some experience in relation to their own sexuality, but ends up making sense of many others that are reflected in something that we believe is so intimate. The testimonies we have documented are very varied: female orgasm, childhood abuse, cancer recovery, motherhood, separation, sex work, libido, self-love, etc.

Currently in our project have participated:

42 women and 2 non-binaries, from 5 countries 52 people have contributed their testimonies in our survey. People between 18 and 62 years old have participated, the most popular margin being between 29 and 31 years old.

In December 2019 we were invited to present SSFF in Quito, Ecuador. We participated in the event "Women behind the lens" and in the Women Photograph Workshop. This year one of our images was selected in the open call of the Verzasca photofestival.

Sexualidades femininas is self-financed and we are working to make it a transmedia project that helps and represents many women and non-binaries of the world with an emphasis on the Latin American reality.

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