I feel you

Paula Rae Gibson

2018 - Ongoing

I have come to realise i will never really stop grieving.

That there's a hole wherever i go.

My husband died over a decade ago and the pain and longing for him has never gone away.

It is a constant journey learning to live without him

His brilliance ,his integrity, his humour, his warmth, his nature, the way we both love in the same way.

I'm left on a dream state

I can’t quite believe what has happened

i'm left as if under water,

I can see people's mouths moving but what they say can't really penetrate.

I did nothing wrong he did nothing wrong but he was whisked to an early death

These images are almost watery dreams.....i use two people to represent how i always feel him there, as i feel my love for him wasn't about him being a man, i have used a woman to represent his spirit.

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