Paula Rae Gibson

2017 - Ongoing


I'm so inspired by and in tune with the Late Roger Scruton's words on Beauty and it's often lost place in today's world. How he points out that artists who make something for the sake of beauty are made to feel out of touch with today's modern world as if they are shallow and only the chaos and ugliness out there is worth depicting- what's shocking, disturbing , or originality regardless of the moral cost

is celebrated. Plato thought love was the path to God, the masters of the past recognised we have spiritual needs as well as animal needs. Beauty can help us raise to a higher level, transport us ...through beauty we can confront the unease in us and find a way through to meaning. I believe we have to look for the path back from the desert and find a place where the real and the ideal exist still in harmony. i wish to make work which makes people reconnect with something in them that makes living worthwhile.... the less title the better, to stop explaining. The message of the flower is the flower

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