About paula


Paula is a photographer and founder of msdm.studio. She is the author of several photoworks investigating how consciousness becomes a photographic object, including Nothing to Undo, Bus-Spotting and Super-Private.

Paula’s work has been featured in numerous publications including: "Dear Aby Warburg: What can be done with images?Dealing with Photographic Material", "Order and Collapse: The Lives of Archives" and "Watching Europe and Beyond: Surveillance, Art and Photography in the New Millennium."

msdm.studio works in the intersection of art, design, photographic practice and the ‘everyday’ experience of visual communication – in food, fashion, well-being, education and space regeneration. msdm editions and publications are in many public collections including Victoria & Albert Museum’s National Art Library, London and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) New York. They’ve also been recognised by Kassel and Arles photobook awards and Sheffield International Artists’ Books Award.

Age 58
Nationality Portuguese
Born in Portugal
Based in City of London, United Kingdom

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Current Location: City of London, United Kingdom