The water dreams

Patricia Ackerman

2017 - Ongoing

In the literature we can find references of water as a symbol of life (when water flows), like death (in stagnant waters), for purification, personification of the soul and of the Great Gods and also as a step of life.

Water is a chemical formula, but also a metaphor. The water, like poetry, adopts multiple forms and the avoids all, passes a physical state to another as they pass the words, sounds and images through our States of mind.

Before being a conscious spectacle, all landscape is a dream experience [...]. For certain dreamers, water is the new movement that invites us to a journey never realized.

“…A stunned river / that rises from his bed

and flows, between the air, towards the sky.

Leads us to a land where an agonizing hell pants,

lips where the sky rains / and the water sings and born paradises..."

Octavio Paz

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