Paolo Ciregia

2014 - Ongoing


We live in a society in which our visual perceptions are bombarded all the time. Every single day in front of our eyes a huge amount of pictures of war and devastation flows, and we do not seem to feel any kind of feelings about them - we no longer “see” them. The bodies and the faces we keep on ab- sorbing are turning us into alleged unaware voyeurs, and still we remain accustomed to pictures that neither offend us nor urge us to reflect. The paradox of that is we are driven to reflect only when a picture doesn’t show all those war-related elements, such as dead bodies or weapons. With the reportage photographs of my private archives, shot during the Ukrainian war – from the riots in Maidan Square, to the parting of the Crimea, to the war in Donbass fro 8 months– i reconstruct such events with overlaps, cuts and corrosions. The aim is to create a different iconographic repertoire, to revise and to change the way to tell the war, without erasing the historical and cultural roots of such events.

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