Nicola Paccagnella

2018 - 2019

Venice, Veneto, Italy

Everything you’ll see in this project is gone.

The malting factory in Venice port area of Porto Marghera has long stopped its activity and it lost its original function. From the '80, market and production rules have emptied it of its meaning and its usefulness. During the last years it has become the refuge of many people. Now that a process of productive redevelopment is about to begin, the destiny of the building is sealed and soon everything will be demolished. Between neglect and disrepair, signs of life, evidence of existence and shines of dignity appear.

In empty spaces that have filled in, the evidence of human presence gradually reveals itself in a visual path in constant balance between emotional content and evocative force. Abandoned places of our society return to live again, torn

edges that are sewn up by telling stories that, only apparently, are outside of us.

We call them "invisible people", almost as if to justify our indifference; we identify them as "illegal", affirming our authority; we imagine them as "invaders" invoking a power that defends us.

They are traces of existence that force us to reckon with our rampant egoism and invite us to reflect and to rediscover our Human being.

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