They do not like you


2019 - Ongoing

Lagos, Nigeria; Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

They do not like you, is a body of work that consists of four Contemporary art series: Niggerism, Runaway Niggers, I am a demon child, and This is only temporary.

Niggerism is a collection of photographs, that speak on the subordinate nature of the Nigerian man in the white world. It comments on how he will always be subordinate, because of the chains of neo-colonialism, and a degenerated government.

Runaway Niggers is a collection of photographs and films, that highlight how the Nigerian man avoids the weight of existence, by running into distractions such as: religion, sex, alcohol, violence, or education.

This will only be temporary (ongoing) is a collection of photographs, films and virtual reality pieces, that foreshadows the coming loss of Nigeria, and the people who will die with it. Experts have said that in the next 40 - 50 years, Nigeria will lose up to a third of its land, because of floods and climate change. The series aims to shine the eyes of the Nigerian people, demanding that we wake up and face the reality of climate change, and a dysfunctional government.

I am a demon child (ongoing) is a collection of photographs, films and virtual reality pieces, that follow the thoughts of the demon child and her people. She is a metaphor of the bastardised state of the Nigerian government. Nevertheless, she spits and tears on the structures that define the pretend democracy of Nigeria, latching unto her indigenous identity to liberate herself from the chains of Niggerism.

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