Ecce Homo

Oana Stoian

2015 - Ongoing

The project „Ecce Homo” presents the visual metaphors, the human metamorphosis, reported to the universe and to itself.

“In the beginning, there was Man”. These were the words that echoed in all corners of the universe at the Moment of Creation. The fascinating and terrifying being is now wandering in the cold and dark hollow bounded by dimensions. This being gives meaning to the present, the future and all that is between them. Its curiosity, like that of the universe, will eventually bear no limits. The Man is constantly searching for the Light because Light signifies Knowledge and Knowledge fulfills Creation. “To know” and “to do” - these are its inherent purposes. In its insatiable thirst for knowledge, man is not afraid to try and to fail. Initially, man lets himself be blinded by the powerful light of Truth. His eyes cannot penetrate the most profound mysteries of the world that carries his fate. Nevertheless, he bravely, clumsily, unknowingly, almost arrogantly gives in to the Light only to suffer, for the first time, the loss of what once made him a complete being: his innocence. Now its evolution is lured by the temptation of discovering the truth, life and death. Man viciously experiments on himself, but during this conversion process in which knowledge progresses, man loses his integrity. He slowly loses himself. He is first physically, then mentally disfigured. Now demented, man voluntarily chooses to alter his senses and his thoughts. Suddenly finding himself so close to the wholeness of being, man realizes that in order to be complete, one must make the final sacrifice: one must give up on the very essence of humanity, the capacity of being human among humans. Faced with such a colossal decision, he doesn’t hesitate at all. His metamorphosis in what, from now on will be known as “The one who is above Man”, endows him with the ability for boundless creation. It is only now that he understands that throughout time, he was meant to replace the Creator, his creation being purified of all that is artificial and corrupted. He becomes the Creator of Worlds, Suns and Galaxies, the one carrying the Universe in the back of his hand. Tightly holding on to his priceless creation, he wakes up as from a dream in an empty, dark and numbed place. He pulls his sweet burden close to his lips and whispers: “In the beginning, there was Man”. Thus, the odyssey of his evolution begins once again, only to further a perpetuum that is meaningless, except for man himself, the Man as Creator.

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