Women victims of acid

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In the Dominican Republic, there is a product popularly known as Devil's acid", which is a substance containing products intended to unclog toilets and domestic plumbing, which is generated by the combination of chemicals, which are mixed with sugar or honey, with the aim of causing further harm to victims.

The so-called "devil's acid" is used mostly in the slums of the country as criminal weapon against those who are considered enemies of the victim, usually by passionate fighting, debts of money and revenge.

According to official data, 14% of patients treated in the Burn Unit Eduardo Aybar Hospital, (specialized center in the Dominican capital) are victims of acid from the Devil.

The photos in this series won the following prizes:

- POY 2013 Latam (Brazil) - First Place

- PX3 (France) - First Place

- Salon FotoPrensa (Chile) - First Place

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  • Alba Lidia de Jesus Perez, 23, was burned with acid in his face on February 29, 2011, by a man who attacked a motorcycle, while walking along at a cousin.
    Alba Lidia, was injured in the right eye, face, arms and left with deep scars on his face.

  • Isabel Tavarez, 19, was burned with acid in his face on February 29, 2011, by a man who attacked a motorcycle as he walked along at a cousin.
    Isabel, who lost his left eye, suffered injuries to his right eye in his chest and arms, had received several threats before the attack Facebook.

  • Esther Jimenez, 27, was burned with acid in his face on July 27, 2011, by a man who attacked her in the coffee shop where she worked.
    Esther lost her right eye and was for five months with his face completely covered with bandages, and now must face a long and painful treatment surgeries.

  • Ana Miriam Nuñez, 36, was burned with acid, on July 3, 2007, by a woman who attacked her in the door of his house.
    Ana Miriam, lost his left eye and severe injuries to his face, left ear, breasts, arms and legs, for 70% of his body was burned.

  • Miriam Doñé, was burned with acid on December 19, 2009, by a woman.
    They have operated three times, but with minimal results. Has no visibility in the right eye because the cornea lost because of the acid, your body is severe marks, so you should wear a special suit to avoid exposing wounds

  • Katy de la Cruz, 37, was burned with acid in his face on May 14, 2011.
    Katy, lost his left ear, his vision is minimal, his face has severe marks, like his chest.

  • Ruby Sanchez Pimentel, was burned with acid December 15, 2009. Liquid was attacked by a man while he was in his workplace. The attack left serious damage to his face, arms and legs. Ruby should wear a plastic mask to shape your face and neck, is currently undergoing various surgeries at a clinic in the United States.