• Curated by PannaFoto Institute
  • Opening 13 October 2020
  • Closed 01 February 2021

South and South-East Asia regions mostly consist of densely populated states defined by their diversity in many aspects. The majority of the nations in the region are home to different ethnic groups with their own languages, cultures and religious beliefs. After gaining independence, most of those countries faced some pressing challenges such as slow economic growth, a rapid increase in population, poverty and corruption. At the same time, they faced the trial of developing a steady method of self-governing.

Nowadays, these regions are experiencing explosive economic growth though just like any other country in the world, they also have to face the global pandemic COVID-19 which forces the inhabitants to slow down the rhythm of everyday life. The exhibition “Erratic Dream” is an attempt to highlight some consequences of these critical changes on the society in relation to social, cultural, economical, political and religious realism that create numerous frictions within everyday life.

The projects presented in this online exhibition have been realised between Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam and they are showcasing several aspects related to the faith, the identity and the dynamic sceneries which are redefining the South and South-East Asia areas.

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PannaFoto Institute

Photography Institute

PannaFoto Institute is a non-profit organization committed to promoting a culture of openness through education in photography and visual storytelling.

Initially established with the supports of the World Press Photo Foundation in 2006 in Jakarta, Panna serves as a platform for education in photography and visual storytelling based on critical thinking skills. Within its long journey, Panna has conducted various workshops, seminar, photo exhibitions, an international photo festival, and photo book publications.

We have established partnerships with national and international organizations as well as hundreds of individuals from various cultural backgrounds and identities.

In this collaboration with PHmuseum, Panna’s curatorial team consists of of Edy Purnomo, Ng Swan Ti and Yoppy Pieter.

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