• Curated by Heidi Romano
  • Opening 30 July 2019
  • Closed 28 October 2019

At one time or another, we have all experienced uncertainty. A moment where we question everything - our ideas, projects, and dreams. Is this the beginning of something new, or the end of something else?

I was curious to find out how the presented artists deal with these moments. How they tackle the multiple possibilities that exist in life. How their personal emotions have influenced their engagement, their process, and commitment to their ideas. The specificity of any project requires patience, intuition, sensitivity, and technical knowledge. How do we dissolve borders between the safe and the unknown, embrace the chaos and achieve unexpected outcomes?

Each artist twirls between observation and contemplation. Occasionally they leap from the practical into the abstract, drawing insights and ideas from observations of the real world to create an emotional connection. They walk us through their thinking process and offer us a deeper understanding of our complex surroundings and the perfect loveliness of photography.

This exhibition is about curiosity, trying out new processes, and creating unique connections; working with familiarity and loneliness to create enigmatic images. For me, it is not only about the images themselves anymore, but the thinking process behind them. It is playing with the photographic medium that we know and are familiar with.

Heidi Romano

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Heidi Romano

Photographer and Curator

Heidi Romano is an independent curator and art director, working in the wider field of photography & design - from printed matter to exhibition design, storytelling and digital media. Inspired by the worlds of photography, community and publishing – you will find her continually experimenting with new ideas and collaborations.

Over the last few years she has explored her creativity through directing the 'Photobook Melbourne’ festival (2014-2016) and curating the first online photography magazine, ‘Unless You Will’ (2009-2014). She is an occasional guest speaker, workshop facilitator and international judge & reviewer for photography and photobooks. Always a dreamer and passionate book designer. She is currently living in a small, off-grid cabin - in the heart of the Goldfields Region in Australia.

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