Stereo Ha

Igor Omulecki

2021 - Ongoing


The photographic medium frees us from the manual practice of reproducing reality. It transfers the emphasis of creative activity onto the reconfiguration of a given matter and its contemplation. The illusory "freezing" of time in photography supports the possibility of a slow and focused observation of the object. Pausing in the love for light triggers the vision of the world as a form immersed in fluid existence. Stereo Ha has a pace similar to brewing tea, contemplating its taste and observing the steam rising from the surface of the cup. Stereo Ha is a project filled with hours of observation of places and objects. The essence of Stereo ha is to minimize production. The elements of the composition are objects found during the realization in the immediate surroundings. It is a conscious gesture of withdrawal from the technological and production race.

The problem of the overproduction of art objects, together with the simultaneous feeling of the lack of a deep experience of contact with the work, seems to be relevant today. This problem relates not only to art itself, but also to the everyday perception of the world, and of oneself within it. It is about contact, feeling and the very awareness of existence. Materiality and attentiveness in this context seem to be an anchor for the experience of the unity of all aspects of existence.

Moving in the realm of art and nature, we confront biological existence, the cycle of birth and death, construction and destruction. Life itself is entropic, the functioning of living organisms is always linked to the consumption of resources. The creation of art objects also entails the exploitation of matter. The question about creative activity and its shape is equal to the question about the sense and shape of our life.

One of the answers to the question about the sense of human life is existence itself. It is in being itself and in experiencing it that the sense is contained. Stereo Ha is all about experiencing and celebrating the most primal contact with existence through contact with matter, the gesture of its reconfiguration and contemplation. Action, non-action and seeing. The art of existence.

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