Notebook diary

Orly Morgenstern

2020 - 2021

México, Mexico

I keep a journal.

Like many others who practice the same habit, my diary is probably similar to theirs.

It is not a daily journal, nor a constant diary with ordered entrances. It merely is a portrait of my mind, an exploration of the self that is mine and lives within me. As said before, many others have done so; history is filled with self portraits, popular or forgotten, relevant or poor in relevance, self-explanatory or simple selfies.

Life, tangled as it is by the presence of others and our own, is filled with quests, inquiries and reflections. This project is an exploration of the “individuation concept” proposed by Jung and contained in this paper binnacle. The photographs have been intervened in the pages so as to tell the story lived in a common mind, my own.

This binnacle is capable of transformation and differs the lines of reading and interpreting the work. It can be understood in order of appearance, backwards or sideways, a little bit like Cortazar’s Rayuela. It doesn’t really matter how it is read but what is read.

I’ve been noticing that for me to call myself an artist, nothing is ever enough. This images are the starting point, the door to the cave with marked walls of memories and ideas. But just as this notebook is certainly very much my own, it can also be a reflection of you.

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  • Feet on the table

  • Portrait of my mind

  • Map

  • The tale of the broken sock

  • Relics

  • Neighborhood

  • Castle of toys

  • Corners

  • Self shadow

  • Parking

  • Self love struggle

  • Rose as a phoenix

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