Victims of evictions

Olmo Calvo

2011 - 2012

The unstoppable rise of the evictions it is one of the consequences, along with unemployment, more evident in the current economic crisis in Spain. Since 2007 until now there have been more than 185,000 foreclosures of about 375,000 initiates foreclosure proceedings. In most cases people are evicted families without resources, native or immigrant, who lost their jobs and were unable to continue paying their mortgages.

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  • Abdul Ali and Aquter Hoffain, brothers and originating Bangadesh, moments after being evicted carry their belongings with the help of several friends at the home of a relative. Abdul Ali and Aqter Hoffain lived with their wives and seven children between the two marriages in an apartment on Calle Zurita. Lived for seven years in Madrid. Were evicted on February 2, 2012.

  • Dozens of residents of the neighborhood of Lavapies in Madrid protesting for the eviction of Uddin and Hafiz. The National Police had cut the street of their house. Uddin and Hafiz are two Bengali immigrant and they bought their house in 2007 for live with their families. They were evicted on May 9, 2012.

  • National police get into Antonio Tomás´s house beside the judicial commission to evict him. Leganés December 14, 2011.

  • Loli covers her face in front of the judicial commission after they have notified her the eviction. She lived in Getafe with her mother Antonia and her brother. Antonia is a woman, she is 70 years old with heart problems and stopped paying social rent of her apartment managed by the Community of Madrid in 1994. The Housing Institute of Madrid ordered his eviction.

  • A woman walks in front the window of an real estate where they offer apartments from evictions. Neighborhood of Elipa, Madrid on March 5, 2011.

  • One of the house partner of Antonio Tomas observes through the window the police deployment and the concentration of protesting for his eviction moments before being evicted. Leganés December 14, 2011.

  • Antonio Tomas holds the key to hir house hours before being evicted. Antonio Tomas is an immigrant originally from Guinea Bissau who arrived in Spain in 2006. In the years 2009 bought an apartment in Leganes, Madrid, after working for years in construction. He was evicted on December 14, 2011.

  • A national police up the stairs of the building where lived Diallo Abdul Rahim at front the judicial commission to execute his eviction. Abdul, originally from Guinea Conakry was a construction worker in Madrid and bought a flat in Parla. After losing his job could not continue to pay his mortgage.

  • Monica Ramos and her husband Javier Narváez, Ecuadorian immigrants, read the eviction notice in her living room while awaiting the arrival of the judicial commission on February 22, 2012 in Madrid Canillejas neighborhood.