Ora Hasenfratz

2018 - Ongoing

I consider this project as a self-portrait, without really showing myself. These photos are reflections of projecting myself to my surroundings, an imprint of my mood swings during and after an abusive relationship while constantly looking for the answer for What is the female gaze? What is my gaze? What is the female gaze if we don't point it to women? How different is it from the male gaze? Is it the opposite of it? Or am I also objectifying men through my camera? What is my gaze? Therefore I have created diptychs of photographs of men and some self-portraits and matched them with landscapes to modify the meaning from portraits of men to the emotional roller coaster I have been on in the last year. With the use of colored light, I also transform the meaning of plants and objects to symbols of feminity and masculinity.

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