Nunzia Pallante


Bellosguardo, Campania, Italy

Even before walls or roads, it’s the trees, grasses, leaves, vineyards that draw the territory of a community, spreading like tree rings. I imagine "Ortipedie" as an open hand, where the fingers are trees of the forest, the palm furrowed plowed gardens and the lines roads and plants.

"Ortipedie" is my work created in Bellosguardo (Cilento) for "Archivio Bellosguardo", a project that aspires to create a digital photographic archive for the conservation and promotion of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo National Park of Diano and the Alburni.

I started this project during the residence for the photo campaign, and at first I turned my attention to the woods surrounding Bellosguardo, to the gardens and to the plants that extend inside it.

Later I understood how this nature perfectly integrated into the architectural fabric, rebalancing the shape of the country itself. I collected flowers, berries, seeds and plants and I focused on the roads and details of the country, to re-photograph and see them again through nature that I had picked up during those days.

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