too Light to Travel

Nathalie Stroobant


In this series I would like to emphasize the duality between “don’t want to be seen in real life” and being an “exhibitionistic adolescent in the online world”. Since I have a daughter of 16 years old, I experience this duality every day.

Teenagers struggle so hard with their identity and social media do not make it any easier. Sometimes they are very open, would put anything on social media just to get those likes and followers. But in the real world they prefer to be hidden, protected by the group, where everybody is the same. There's a daily contrast between introversion and extraversion. The Dutch word "gesloten" in the pictures means "closed".

The images are a serene representation of the complex era in which digital life is open and exposed. The use of color and the compositions represent the anonymity behind this digital exposure.

In a former life I was a psychologist and obtained a PhD in Medical Sciences. My main topic involved neurological disorders. My ongoing interest in the human being unconsciously effects my photographic work.

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